Pictures Checklist for your wedding!

Getting Married this Summer, Use this checklist to talk to your Photographer!

Hearty Congratulations to all you amazing couples on taking "The Decision". On this amazing journey of yours let us help you make the most of the "Fun, Emotional & Fulfilling Memories" that should be captured by any adept photographer for memorable moments.

Follow this checklist for the discussion with your photographer. 

1. Pre-Wedding Events: 

India is very rich in traditions and we should be proud of these as they are the most colourful and bonding events that you will get to experience. Some of the events & the pictures that should be taken as part of them are listed below:

1. Mehndi:

  •  Bride applying Mehndi.
  • Fun pictures of bride with friends.
  • Pictures of relatives/guests blessing the bride.
  • Candid shots of of bride & her parents enjoying the moments.
Indian Bride Mehndi
Indian Bride at Mehndi having fun with Friends

2. Sangeet:

  •  Decor shoot.
  • Fun pictures of bride & groom with friends.
  • Performance shots.
  • Candid shots of of bride & the groom.
Indian Sangeet with relatives

3. Haldi:

  •  Haldi application of bride & groom.
  • Fun pictures of family applying Haldi.
Indian Haldi ceremony
Indian Groom having a Haldi function

2. Wedding Events: 

       1. Getting Ready:

  • Makeup shots of Bride.
  • Groom's Sherwani & getting ready.
  • Bride with her friends & Groom with his friends.
  • Shots with best man.
  • Full length shot of Bride after getting ready.         


Telugu Indian Bride
Indian Bride applying makeup

 2. The Ceremony: Ceremony gives us a wide scope to really capture the candid moments that pass between the couple & the relatives.

  • Harathipallem.
  • Emotions of Bride while getting into the Mandap.
  • Serene expression while she is having the Thali tied.
  • Shoots of rituals during the ceremony.
  • Full length shot of Bride after getting ready.   
Harathipallem - Telugu Indian Bride entering the Mandap
Indian Bride with Sindhoor on her forehead

3. Post Wedding Events: 


  • Photos of the venue.
  • Photos of the couple dancing.
  • Photos of Family & Relatives having fun.
Indian Reception
Indian Couple Reception

2. Bidhaayi:

  • Emotional picture of the Bride & Family.
Vidhaayi - Bride leaving her parents
Bidhaayi - Indian Bride

4. Other Important Events: 

1. Bachorlette: Most important part of a Bride life's before she takes the next step.

bachelorette party

2. Couple Location Shoot: Every Couple should definitely take up a couple location shoot. The beauty of these pictures will just grow on the couple as they age.

Indian Couple Location Shoot
Indian Couple Pre-Wedding Location Shoot
Elegant Indian Couple Location Shoot
Pre-Wedding Location Shoot - Indian Couple