Aparna & Srinath | A Grand Telugu Wedding Story

Aparna and Srinath are the quintessential 21st century couple. Both well educated and career oriented based out of Hyderabad this bubbly sweet couple thoroughly enjoyed their wedding giving us the opportunity to capture some beautiful candid moments.

This is their story in Aparna's own words. Thanks Aparna and Srinath for choosing us to shoot your most important memories. 

Siri and I were colleagues in our previous work place.Like any routine couple we thought we were just friends and today we are happily married.

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When I look back to how it started..I am happy, amazed and surprised to see how things have transformed from then.

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Siri always wanted a low key wedding and I wanted it the elaborate way.. We thought we would go with a mix of both and at the end I am sure we are happy with the outcome. 

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We thoroughly enjoyed our wedding & Trulycandid team beautifully captured each of those moments!

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Both our families were darlings, supporting us throughout . They connected well from the start and it looked like one big happy family.Starting from the engagement to the vratham, one thing that we both could see is that all of our cousins, both the families, friends and all our well wishers were thoroughly a part of our celebrations. A big hug to all you guys for making us feel so loved. :) 

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Pre-Wedding Couple Shoot and Tips to make the most of it?

Nowadays all the have is about Pre-Wedding Couple Shoots but there are still questions around it. So here it is in all of its glory explained to the for you:

Couple’s For You:

A Pre-Wedding Couple Shoot is not just to capture some shots for your new profile pic to announce to the world of your engagement. It is for YOU as a couple to celebrate your love and bonding that you share with each other. To capture the Romance that has been making you dizzy!

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For Us:

As a photographer a Pre-Wedding Couple Shoot is an opportunity for us to get to know you, as a couple better. To know how you react to a camera, to make you comfortable when being documented, to understand which profiles of yours are most attractive and to light up the romance a tad bit more so we can get the best shots.

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How to make the most of your Pre-Wedding Couple Shoot:

1.       Make yourself comfortable:Don’t overdo any poses that you may not be comfortable with. This shoot is for you as a couple and does not have to be a competition with some other friends that you might know of. Every couple has their own equation so YOUR  - should be You are unique and like no other.

2.       Get your partner onboard: Make your partner understand that this is important for you but don’t force them into coming onboard if they are not comfortable. Remember you are a team and both parties should be on board to make the journey complete.

3.       Meet your photographer before the shoot: Make it a point to meet your photographer for coffee before the actual shoot. It is very important that the photographer and you are comfortable with each other, take time to talk to them and understand their style. This ensures for great pictures.

4.       Pick a Location: If you are comfortable with a particular location then let your photographer know. If you are looking for more than 1 dress change then choose a resort even if it means that you might have to shell out some extra cost. If you are comfortable in public you can choose a park as well but note that nowadays photography is not allowed in most parks.

5.       Enjoy the Day: Finally, take your time to prep for the shoot before the actual pictures are taken. Be comfortable in your clothes and skin. Enjoy your partner’s company and enjoy the date. It is important that you two enjoy each other and the day for the pictures to turn out awesome. So take it slow and have fun.

And Brides this one is especially for YOU from Trulycandid team. You are exquisite, very beautiful, unique and a wonderful person so Don’t believe for a second if somebody told you previously that you are not photogenic or you should not laugh with your mouth open.

Laugh out Loud Brides, enjoy your Day because you are our center of attention and leave it to us to photograph you beautifully. You definitely deserve it and you have all our best intentions at heart. 

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